Testimonial Italy - UK

Jane & Martin – UK

Sandra and Alberto go the extra mile!

We were probably an estate agents worst nightmare in that at first we had a clear idea of what we wanted but later changing our minds completely.

Sandra has the patience of a saint by sticking with us for several years until we finally purchased. On our early visits she showed us a broad selection of properties that fitted the bill exactly. However by the time we sold our house in the UK, the exchange rate had fallen and Brexit was decided. This meant a re-think of our plans and so we decided to rent in Le Marche until we could find a permanent home. Sandra organized a rental property for us and made sure all was in order and safeguarded the owner and us by drawing up a short-term contract.

We had a list of ready to move into houses and started the viewings immediately. Although not shown on Italian Luxury Assets website we also wanted to see partially finished properties and plots of land for a new build so she searched and contacted a number of close colleagues who brought a list of possibilities.

Our criteria were tight and each property was checked to see if it would be suitable before having a wasted trip. Alberto’s architectural knowledge is also invaluable, as we looked at each property in detail rather than letting the heart rule the head. We soon discovered the difference between a holiday home and a permanent home and picked up a lot of building techniques used over time and the relevance to anti-seismic construction.

Having met a number of other agents we now know the good ones and who to trust and vice versa. Sandra is not only a lovely welcoming and honest person she is a true professional and attends to all the detail; she is organized and keeps the brief in mind and will check the pros and cons of each property and have answers found for any questions raised. She and Alberto drove endless journeys all over Le Marche to find us the right place and gave us information about the different areas and local towns which all added to making the correct choice.

Once our decision to buy was made Sandra, introduced us to and attended meeting with a solicitor and geometra and the help didn’t stop even after the purchase. She has been the most supportive anyone could be in organizing all the transfer of services, replenishing gas tanks, opening a bank account, getting quotes from insurance companies, pool companies, meeting the farmer and the many departments within the local Commune. The list goes on and she has so kindly translated everything, as our Italian is rubbish (at the moment).

Sandra has given us assistance for a long time and as it happens we finally bought the house we saw with her on our very first visit to Le Marche. She always has a smile on her face and energy to show another solution to contrast or compare and gave us the time and space to make the right decision.

In short she is totally recommended by us!