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When buying a new home

You’ll probably wish to give it your own mark and make it look as you like.

It is easy but it may look complicated, especially if you are living abroad and you don’t know the Italian regulations or the best professionals for that particular kind of work you’d like to have done.

No need to get frustrated, because we can take care of this for you: our team of experts will collect your ideas and transform them into reality.
Our partner Architects, Engineers and Designers will take care of the outdoor and indoor design, structural development, landscape design, to make your new home look exactly as you like.

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Are you dreaming to own a piece of magic land called Italy? Italian Luxury Asset is your ideal partner in the research and identification of a new place, which you’ll call home.


Property Finding

We offer a Property Finding service to buyers where we can find your perfect property in Italy on your behalf without you having to go through the stressful part.


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Uur partner agency can offer you private jet and executive airliner charters, as well as a huge range of small specialist aircraft to move quickly to the place you need.