€ 350.000,00 
Country House 
240 sq.m. 
430 sq.m. 
Very good 
Public Road 
Terraced Garden 

Nestled in the nature reserve Sasso di Simone, crossroads of three beautiful Italian regions – Tuscany, Le Marche, Emilia Romagna – you can find a lovely old village made up of a handful of stone-built houses. The most charming one is set on top, with a backyard with a view over the valley and the mountains, stretching out as far as the eye can see.

The House

The house has been recently restored with extreme care and great taste. Externally the original stones have been retained, while internally the plastered walls have been decorated with elegant stencils, to give the house a warm and charming look.

The total area of the house is 240 sq.m. developing on 3 floors plus mezzanines in several rooms and it is divided as follows:

Ground Floor:
you access the house via the main door, leading directly to the spacious living room, thus giving the area even a grander look. This room is fully in stones, both the walls and the flooring, for a rustic style, perfectly matching with the old stove for the heating of the area. The kitchen is big enough to cook comfortably and it features a french window, leading out onto the backyard overlooking the valley. The location of the kitchen, will let you prepare your favourite dishes and bring them directly out to the garden, where you can set a table for al-fresco dinners.

A third room is currently used as a bedroom, but it could be converted into a dining room, so that you can use the biggest room as a spacious living room only, to welcome your guests. Looking up, you can admire old tiles and original wood beams in all the rooms, to confirm once again the rustic style of the house.

First Floor:
stepping up the stone staircase, you reach the first floor, where you have a second living room, spacious and extremely bright. Once again, all the original materials and features have been retained as much as possible: the irregular cotto tiles on the floors, perfectly match with the antique doors that, with their worn look, send you back to the past of this rural village. Even the walls haven’t been levelled and smoothed, so that you could imagine and feel the atmosphere of the past.

On the same floor, you can find a big bedroom with mezzanine, private bathroom and views over the countryside; another spacious bedroom with mezzanine, where your kids could sleep; a third wide and bright bedroom with fireplace. Last but not least, a lovely bathroom with a deco style bathtub, to serve all the rooms of the first floor.

Second Floor:
Stepping up a small staircase, you access the second and last floor, useful as an attic to store all the things that you don’t use too often. Indeed, on this floor, you can also find a big room, characterized by small holes: as a matter of facts, this room was the old dovecot, made out of the small tower on top of the house, and the holes are the places where doves used to rest. Of course, nowadays they are closed with glass to protect the room, but you have the charm of this special place and a unique play of lights, due to the holes.

The Garden

The house is surrounded by a small garden of about 430 sq.m.. In a corner of the garden, there is a nice swimming pool, perfect to have some fun or relax in the summer. You could even invite your neighbours and have a village party by the pool!

On the opposite side, the courtyard will let you enjoy amazing views all year round: from intense green during spring, to snowy landscapes during winter. Thanks to the direct connection to the kitchen, here you could set a table with chairs for al-fresco dinners with your friends or to enjoy an aperitif in the late afternoon.

Why Buy It

One of the most evident reasons why buy this property is the wonderful restoration that the current owners have made, that brings you back to past times but with all comforts that we all need in a modern world.

It is a perfect property as a holiday home, for those who want to get away from chaos and to retire for some peace and quiet any time you need. At the same time, the location close to other houses will give you the possibility to experience social life, yet in a very private and quiet environment. As a matter of facts, there are just a few houses, so you’ll never get annoyed because of noises, traffic or other causes, that can disturb your moments of peace. At the same time, establishing a good relationship with your neighbours, means having the possibility to ask them to keep an eye on your property, while you are away.

Last but not least, this is a good investment as a rental property: many people look for some peace, surrounded by nature and close to interesting places to visit. This property, thanks to its location in Tuscany, the number of beds available, a private swimming pool and, of course, the charm that it releases, is an ideal option for people coming on holiday in Italy from abroad.


First town with services: 6 km
Sestino: 9 km
Urbania: 30 km
Urbino: 44 km
Sansepolcro: 56 km
Airport of Rimini: 60 km
Città di Castello: 73 km
Arezzo: 80 km
Airport of Perugia: 104 km



The area around Parco di Sasso Simone was inhabited by tribes and Italic populations since the 2nd millennium b.C. The Romans, lately appointed the comune of Sestino "Municipium". The archeological remains of this long history, are currently kept in the National Antiquarium and they tell about the people, events and daily life of this Roman town, in a kind of guided tour.

The story of Sestino is not only contained into glass showcases, but it is spread all around the territory: hamlets, ruins, isolated monuments, churches and towers will let you get into the "genius loci" of a town that still has a lot to offer, both to its inhabitants and tourists.

Among the most important Appennini environments, there is Sasso Simone, that with its squared shape seems to be looking at and protecting Sestino and its surroundings. The natural environment, together with history, fascinates all the souls, that see an Eden in the surrounding nature. In order to preserve and enhance this natural heritage, in 1996 was founded the Natural Reserve of Sasso Simone, that you can visit and where you can go hiking, being totally involved with wild nature.